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The cute Indian girlfriend has her boyfriend finally to herself after an exciting party she threw for her friends on the occasion of her recent graduation.

After about 5 minutes of wild kissing and smooching, Sanjana pushes Vivek to the bed with a naughty smile and undo his pants and brief slowly. She admires her boyfriend’s big dick which was standing in all its glory. She comes closer, grabs it and starts licking it like an ice cream from the top.

After making sure she has covered her boyfriend’s dick fully with her saliva, she slowly takes it inside her mouth and blows him hard. After a sensational blowjob which lasted almost 4 minutes, Vivek quickly gets on top of her and remove her remaining clothes. He then kisses all over her body and sucks her soft boobs making her wriggle in pleasure.

Then he moves down and spreads her white legs to bring her slightly hairy pussy to display. Smiling at her, he opens those pussy lips and inserts his finger into her glory hole. Cute Indian girlfriend moans a little loudly this time while Vivek goes on finger fucking his hot girlfriend.

Later, when he was sure that she is ready for his big dick, he takes out his fingers which were wet by now and then slowly inserts his girlfriend’s pussy with his rock-hard dick.



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